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EW7-Pg4 Battle Bikini Mode !?! by Joe5art EW7-Pg4 Battle Bikini Mode !?! by Joe5art
Strange you're all sick of seeing Walter in his underwear but everyone loves this page.

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systemcat Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2014  Professional General Artist
Oh graces! A friend of mine came up with an idea like this for a fan fic he's working on. I have to fave this given a commission I did last night showing a similar take on this idea.
Joe5art Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2014  Professional General Artist
Sounds interesting. I could spend a lot more time messing around with them interacting with the technology and giving them more to deal with. This storyline has been going for about 2 years though and I do want to get it done so they can get back to 'normal' life again.
systemcat Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2014  Professional General Artist
Well here's the short of what I know of that segment of the story he's working on. It's basically set to the G1 My Little Pony universe in years after the cartoon series. The ponies want to reward Megan with a suit of armor that is mean to make her invincible. But to make it they turn to Danny for guidelines and he gives the ponies a perverted fantasy idea of what she should be wearing. When she starts "Sailor Moon" style transforms into her new armor, she in horrid shock thanks to a watching pony, discovers her brother's twisted idea of battle ware.

By the way thanks for the llama & watch :).

I don't know when my buddy will have the story done, but I'll link you to the Photobucket image meant to show Megan this way if you want? I'm not showing it here because it's not the short of thing I want in my normal gallery. Also if you want I'll link you to where the story can be found when finished.
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January 24, 2014
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